Inspired by how hard times are fertile ground for learning to embody strength, Zoë's second album Fading Light  is a wish for that strength to be gifted unto listeners. Fading Light was made possible thanks to 75 Kickstarter backers who pledged a total of $5,397 in 2015.

[Vox] Tobias Butler, Catherine Rose Crowther, Joel Knopf, Linnea Sablosky. [Violin] Mia Bella D’Augelli. [Keys] Devin Farney. [Clarinet] Gregory Masaki Jenkins. [Bass] Zach Sharpe. [Cello] Samsun Van Loon. [Bass, Drums] Jake Shandling. [Bass, E.Guitar, Percussion] George Rosenthal. [E.Guitar, Percussion, Grunting] David Mayfield. Recorded at Hyde Street Studio C with Scott McDowell, and at The Complex Recording Studio SF with George Rosenthal. Mixed and Mastered by David Mayfield at Tiger Spa Studios. Produced by Adam Covington. Songs by Zoë Yungmi Blank. David Brown disk photo. Eileen Z. Li inner cover photo. Sasha Yungju Lee cover photo.

Zoë's first album There'll Be A Time  is a compilation of pages from her teenage songwriting journal. These songs speak yearningly of family, community, and the land, while humbly and earnestly confronting themes of mortality. Listen for the tender sounds of Nick Blechman's mandolin, Gregory Masaki Jenkins's smooth clarinet, Linnea Sablosky's masterful harmony arrangements in our angel choir with Camille Holmes & Robert Raymond. There'll Be A Time was made possible thanks to 125 Kickstarter backers who pledged a total of $6,194 in 2012. Produced by Blank Music. Co-produced by Adam Covington. Recorded in San Francisco at Hyde St. Studio C, with Scott McDowell. All tracks written by Zoë Blank. Photos: Charlie Homo, Eileen Z Li. Disc art by Todd Blank.